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Please do not hesitate to contact Sonic Groove DJs for inquiries, we will be more than happy to answer your questions and concerns. One of our biggest keys is to make sure that our customers are satisfied. Also, feel free to call or email us for a free quote on our services of for references. If you prefer, you can also submit an online contact request form below.

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1977 - Started DJing at house parties because I had the best stereo system and music collection.

1979 - Saw the DJ at my grade eight graduation dance and said to myself "I could do that."

1980 - Began visiting night clubs underage in Toronto, playing at birthday parties in and around the area.

1985 - Played my high school graduation dance / prom.

1986 - Got involved with my first DJ Agency, playing gentlemen's clubs by day and night clubs...well, at night, all over the city of Toronto and surrounding area. Continued to various large and small clubs with varying music formats, mostly whatever was on the current top 40 mixed with older of the same, created Sonic Groove DJs. Worked with Toronto radio on air personalities within the club system to present whatever musical format they represented. I retired from the club business in 1995.

2001 - Friend asked if I would dust off my vinyl and play a birthday party, I said yes...and was hooked again.

2002 - Started mobile DJ with a Bradford DJ service playing, Weddings, Jack n Jills, Birthday Parties, New Year's Parties, Christmas Parties, DeeJay'd in between live bands using his gear and music.

2005 - Found Atomix DJ Softeware / Platform and started collecting music to work live from a computer instead of CDs. Bought DJ set up equipment and started booking my own functions.

2007 - Associated with large Toronto Agent who sub contracted all type of corporate, wedding, etc. At venues such as the main ballroom of the Royal York, Westin Harbour Castle, Castleoma, and many other unique locations and functions. Continued to play my own functions during the same period.

2012 - House DJ at popular Aurora over 30 night club.

2013 - Back to mobile work as Sonic Groove DJs, on my's more rewarding.

2018 - Aligned myself with DJ MASTERMIX who specializes in Wedding DJs.

WHAT DOES SONIC GROOVE DJs DO? Incorporate classic mixes of music from many eras and genres to create a night club like atmosphere on any dance floor.


Sonic Groove DJs accepts LIVE REQUESTS for any party we are performing at. If you’re enjoying a party and we’re providing the music, and you’d like to hear a song, just submit your LIVE REQUEST and text us directly. We play better than 95% of all requests at each event we play at. With some discretion on our part of course.


Sonic Groove DJs takes pride in providing the best disc jockey services throughout the GTA. We don't just say it, our clients do to!

View testimonials from Sonic Groove DJ clients.

Sonic Groove DJ Testimonial 1

"Thank you for being our DJ for the wedding. You helped to make the day perfect."

- John & Cheryl

Sonic Groove DJ Testimonial 2

"It was fun getting to know you and work with you over this past year! Thank you for making our day one to remember!"

- Nicolle & Micheel

Sonic Groove DJ Testimonial 3

"Thank you for making today so great and for being so wonderful!"

- Tatyana & Horace


Sonic Groove DJs has an extensive network of friends to supplement our disc jockey services. Feel free to contact any of the individuals or companies below and be sure to mention Sonic Groove DJs & Entertainment. Our friends will treat you with the same level of care as we do to make your special event truly memorable.