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Wedding music to suite all your guests, WHY? Because we ask them! Our DJ Hosts will interact with your guests soliciting them for their favourite songs they'd like to hear during cocktail, dinner and especially the dancing! With our interactive styled DJs and offering our unique 'Live Request' feature to make sure that the music is about everyone having a great time. Top of mind is what our bride and groom clients ask for and direct us to produce.

Food, Venue and Music... What else do people remember about any event?

We offer full sound audio in order to provide excellent peripheral sound for speeches. Sound should be loud enough on the dance floor, but not so loud that you can't speak without yelling to your guests, friends and family.

We also offer guidance in assistance and overall planning addressed in our first over the phone meeting. A wedding gift you can keep even if you don't hire us. Things such, do you wish to light your wedding the way you want embracing the colours and theme of your wedding? Lighting accents on your head table, cake dance floor. Amazing lighting and special effects with dry ice are available.

30+ Years of professional experience to make all the audio and visual pieces of your day fit together seamlessly. We work closely with you and your partner to make sure that music, timing, equipment for ceremony, organizing wedding party entrance, first dance and special cues are worked out long before the big day. Nothing is left to chance with our very effective and personalized information gathering system.


It's not that it's a Wedding, BBQ, Birthday Party or any other event - it's about you and your guests enjoying the day to the fullest, and isn't it amazing how much the integration of music at any event can set the background tone and overall feel for the day?

It's about listening to you and your guests. Tell us right away what you want to hear by using our 'LIVE REQUEST' to text the DJ your request right from from your Smartphone. You can interact with us and tell us what makes you tap your toes, but we really want to know what makes you dance!

If we don’t have it, we do have the internet...and this is an unseen benefit of hiring a CPDJA associated DJ Company complete with liability insurance.

We always come dressed appropriately for whatever the event is, usually overdressed unless specifically directed by the client. Once you’re on site, you can always dress down, you can't always dress u more than what you have.

Bring comfortable shoes – You're going to need 'em.


Stag n Does, Buck n Does, Jack n Jill's...whatever you want to call 'em, can be a fun and stressful time for you, your wedding party, friends and family…….why not make it easier on everyone and hire a professional that knows how to run a dance floor and MC and event to help you increase your bottom line.

Yes, your bottom line...isn't that what a Jack n Jill or Buck n Doe is for? Well, it's also for having a great time with your wedding party, family and friends's for making money. The best way to do that is to run your event like a nightclub and a silent auction event with great food and entertainment. It works for them, so make it work for you.

We have over 30 years of experience and that gives us the advantage over many other DJ services. We cater to what you and your guests want to hear and dance to. Every group is different, so it's up to the DJ to work with you and your guests to have the best time ever.

We have ideas that make your party special and different so that we’re able to engage your guests, and expand your profitability as well as have fun. It's not just the dance, it's the food, it's the drink and it's how you generate profit prior and during the dance.

Ask us how


Sonic Groove DJs takes pride in providing the best disc jockey services throughout the GTA. We don't just say it, our clients do to!

View testimonials from Sonic Groove DJ clients.

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"Thank you for being our DJ for the wedding. You helped to make the day perfect."

- John & Cheryl

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"It was fun getting to know you and work with you over this past year! Thank you for making our day one to remember!"

- Nicolle & Micheel

Sonic Groove DJ Testimonial 3

"Thank you for making today so great and for being so wonderful!"

- Tatyana & Horace


Sonic Groove DJs accepts LIVE REQUESTS for any party we are performing at. If you’re enjoying a party and we’re providing the music, and you’d like to hear a song, just submit your LIVE REQUEST and text us directly. We play better than 95% of all requests at each event we play at. With some discretion on our part of course.


There are many new and wonderful lighting and sound options to choose from depending on your budget and venue. Please do not hesitate to contact Sonic Groove DJs & Entertainment for inquiries because we will be more than happy to answer your questions and assist you in finding what will make your party unique and fun.


Please do not hesitate to contact Sonic Groove DJs for any inquiries and we will be more than happy to answer your questions, and feel free to call or email us for a free quote on our services or for references.

We are affiliated with the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association which provides excellent equipment and talent back up in case of unforeseen circumstances. Things do happen and your vendors should have contingencies in place. This is ours.