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We Make Your Party Happen.


Wedding music to suite all your guests, utilizing our interactive styled DJs and featuring our unique 'Live Request' feature to make sure that the music is about everyone having a great time.

Food, Venue and Music... What else do people remember about any event?

Offering audio / visual guidance to light your wedding your way with your colours and then interact that room lighting to work with dancing.

30 + Years of professional experience to make all the audio and visual pieces of your day fit together seamlessly. I.e. - music and equipment for ceremony, organizing wedding party entrance, first dance.


It's not that it's a Wedding, BBQ, Birthday Party or any other event - it's about you and your guests enjoying the day to the fullest, and isn't it amazing how much the integration of music at any event can set the background tone and overall feel.

When it's good, it just is, it just works.

It's about listening to you and your guests, from cocktail hour, to the dance floor. You can tell us right then by using our 'LIVE REQUEST' on line at our website from your smartphone. You can interact with us and tell us what makes you tap your toes, but we really want to know what makes you dance!

Over 12,000 songs available to choose from!

We always come dressed appropriately for whatever the event is, usually overdressed unless specifically directed by the client. You can always dress down, you can't always dress up.

Bring comfortable shoes – You're going to need 'em.


Stag n Does, Buck n Does, Jack n Jill's...whatever you want to call 'em, can be a fun and stressful time for you, your wedding party, friends and family…….why not make it easier on everyone and hire a professional that knows how to run a dance floor, and helps you increase your bottom line.

Yes, your bottom line...isn't that what a Jack n Jill or Buck n Doe is for? Well, it's also for having a great time with your wedding party, family and friends's for making money. The best way to do that is to run your event like a nightclub. It works for them, so make it work for you.

We have over 30 years of experience that gives us the advantage over any other DJ service. Wanna know why? Because we cater to what you and your guests want to hear and dance to. Every group is different, so it's up to the DJ to work with you, your guests...and don't forget your caterer!

We have ideas that make your party special, different and that are able to engage your guests, so that you expand your profitability and fun. It's not just the dance, it's the food, it's the drink and it's how you generate profit prior to the dance.

Ask us how.


Sonic Groove DJs takes pride in providing the best disc jockey services throughout the GTA. We don't just say it, our clients do to!

View testimonials from Sonic Groove DJ clients.

"The best party ever thanks to Sonic Groove and their amazing ability to match music with the people who attended."

- John

"The best party ever thanks to Sonic Groove and their amazing ability to match music with the people who attended."

- John


Sonic Groove Djs takes LIVE REQUESTS for any party we are performing at. If you are currently enjoying a party we are dj-ing and would like to hear a song, please submit your LIVE REQUEST now.